Part 4
Airdate: May 6, 2015
Series:  WWP MOVIE
Views:  10
Upload No.:  71
Length: 9:00

The WWP Movie Part 4 is the fourth part out of six in The WWP Movie.





  • Mario and Luigi wake up after winning the money from Bowser's Casino, and have no way of getting home. They both run into a Lakitu, who appeared to be watching them. The Lakitu offers them home. On the way home, Mario worries if they wasted their time and if it was a setup. When they finally arrive to their home, it is destroyed. They both run inside into the smoke of the fire, and see many of the other characters hurt, such as: Yoshi, Birdo, DK, Diddy Kong, Toad, etc. They also find Burt, who was the in the original pilot to WWP. Burt tells them it was Bowser. Mario then turns around to find Princess Peach, hung from the ceiling fan, dead. Mario just stands there as tears roll down. Mario, Luigi, and Burt locate Bowser in the secret park, where him and Bowser both fight each other, until Bowser gets him cornered. Luigi and Burt try to help, but hit has no effect. Bowser then eats a mega mushroom to take out all three of them, where he bounces and lands on the ground to send a shockwave to send them all flying away. Mario and Luigi then look on as Bowser gets bigger, and bigger. Military forces respond to the violence and send air fighters. Bowser jumps in the air, completely destroying the jets, and jumps into space. Mario, back at the destroyed house, vows to avenge the Princess and go to space.