The S.W.A.T. Secret
Airdate:  May 9, 2011
Series:  WWP Movie
Views:  215
Upload No.:  10
Length: 7:17

The S.W.A.T. Secret is the first WWP Movie by WarioWareProductions.



  • Military Comissioner (mentioned only)
  • Wolf
  • Crazy Woody


  • Wario's House
  • Government Chamber
  • Monk's Office
  • Military Plane
  • Desert

Plot (Spoilers)Edit

After Wario is done eating dinner, he goes for a "walk" and finds a random key. He walks up to a Cell and the key fits. He lets everyone out, not knowing it belonged to the government. Officer Bluemonk finds out about this and calls the comissioner and tells him about, "Operation Bearcage" and tracks down Wario. Wario goes back home and talks to Mario on the phone, Mario then gets abducted (By officer bluemonk) and Wario gets freaked out. Officer Bluemonk arrives at Wario's House and arrests him. Wario is taken away on a plane, and annoys the security gaurd so much, the gaurd throws him out of the plane. Wario finds himself in the Desert, only to be found by Bowser.


  • This episode was filmed on Easter 2011.
  • This episode left off with a cliff hanger.
  • Their was going to be part 2 to come out May 9, 2012 but was cancelled,