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Mario's Transformation
Airdate:  April 20, 2012
Series: WWP Movie
Views: 352
Upload No.:  37
Length:  11:20

Mario's Transformation is the second episode of Season 2 in WWP Movies by WarioWareProductions.




  • Italian Restaraunt
  • Mario's House
  • The Bed


Mario and Luigi go to dinner at an italian restaraunt, when Mario wants spaghetti, the only kind they have left is some moldy spaghetti. Mario demands to  have spaghetti, so he eats it anyways. Mario gets horribly sick, and... turns into luigi! (since the spaghetti was green) So luigi teaches mario about everything he knows, and the ways of "Luigi". Then everyone starts to think that the new mario, is actually luigi, even Peach. So peach spills out how her and luigi slept together on a halloween party in 2007, since she thinks mario is luigi. Mario gets pissed and goes to find Luigi. Mario and luigi battle each other until mario is knocked out with a glass vase. Mario wakes, completely better. After everyone else goes, Wario then turns into Waluigi...


  • When mario screams of seeing himself, was a parody of Spider-Man 2. (When peter parker screams)