Luigi's Taser
Airdate:  July 16, 2011
Series:  WWP Movie
Views:  599
Upload No.:  19
Length:  5:02

Luigi's Taser is the third episode of season 1 in WWP Movies by WarioWareProductions.




  • Mario's House
  • Game Store


Luigi gets a new taser for defense, and when Wario comes to visit, Wario begs to use the taser. After getting so annoying, Luigi tases him. Mario hears the comotion and tries to stop luigi from doing anymore damage, Luigi thinks that Mario is underestimating his power. So luigi tries to show Mario he can rule the world with the power of his taser, and goes on a tasing frenzy. (Even tasing Mario) He then turns it to kill and kills White Yoshi. He then accidently falls of a big TV screen and tases himself to death. DK smells burnt skin (Bacon) and eats Luigi.


  • This was originaly going to be a WWP Short, but was made to long during production.