Mario & Yoshi 4
Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom: Episode 4
Airdate:  November 2, 2013
Series:  Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom
Views:  10
Upload No.:  79
Length:  12: 44

This is the 4th episode from the series Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom.




  • Hawaii


Finally back in there original place, Mario and Yoshi get the 1-Up that was behind them and try to bring Luigi back to life. After finding out that Mario put Bowser's body was dumped in a green trash can, Yoshi panics because he also hid Luigi's body in there. Trying to fix Luigi's face, Mario forgets the 1-Up Mushroom, and they both have to go back to find it. During there way to the 1-Up Mushroom, Mario keeps getting distracted, making Yoshi very irritated. After slipping and hitting his head on a shelf, Yoshi gets knocked out unconscious, causing him to be in a choma for 7 minutes. Yoshi wakes up to Mario with a knive in hand, thinking he was going to get killed. Mario was only going to cut the 1-Up in half, to use on both Yoshi and Luigi. An argument is heated up, and the 1-Up rolls onto Luigi, making him alive. Luigi then wakes up, only to be killed by Mario, thinking he was Bowser. Yoshi kills Mario, and makes his way to Hawaii, where he peacefully sits down and watches the sunset. 

(In the credits it says that Yoshi was hyped up on meth the entire time, the reason he was imagining the room to be the kingdom. Yoshi finds out that he really killed Mario and hangs himself. In the Post-Credits it show Bowser, who is apparently still alive. Only to be proven that the series is definitely over.)


  • This is the series finale.