Only permanent deaths, such as characters who die and are gone forever


  • Monk: Monk, a Secret Service agent, presumably drowns himself in a river after losing a key in The S.W.A.T. Secret.



  • Woody: In 99 Problems but a Dollar ain't one, Mario and Luigi show up at the Police Station, and Woody thinks that they will do his job for him. Relieved, he jumps into a floor fan, killing himself.
  • Teleporting Frog: Frog was killed for his actions once in for all in THE END (Part 2), where Mario reversed the electricity shaft power, causing him to deactivate and die. Technically, this happened in 2015, since it was revealed it was Bowser who caused this and was revealed to be in the current year (2015), but since the video was uploaded in 2013, it is considered then.


  • Kool Koopa: Kool Koopa appears in WNW: Partners in Crime, when he makes a mean youtube comment calling Waluigi a faggot, which cause Wario and Waluigi want to beat him up. Things go awry when Kool makes Wario lose his fart power, so Wario stuffs a bob-omb in Kool's stomach. Kool is thrown into an apartment complex, where he blows up.


  • Bowser: Killed by Burt with the Holy Weapon, in WWP Movie Part 6 after Burt realize what he did and turns on Bowser.
  • Koopa Troopa: Shot multiple times by Mario in WWP Movie Part 6, when Koopa was disguised as Lakitu and the President, and when he charged at Mario.
  • Professor E. Gadd: E. Gadd is seriously injured by Bowser in a deleted scene, where E. Gadd turns on Bowser, because he is not a bad guy. Bowser then reportedly shoots E. Gadd in the chest. E. Gadd died on screen when he says sorry to Mario.