ATWWM 005 0001
 Around the World with Monkey!
Airdate:  July 30, 2012
Series:  WWP Movie
Views:  60
Upload No.:  44
Length:  7:19

Around the World with Monkey is the final episode of season 2 in WWP Movies by WarioWareProductions.




  • Australia (where the episode takes place)
  • The Big Tree (Teleporting frogs hideout)
  • Monkey's House
  • Gorilla Hut


The first episode of the "never picked up" series, Around the World with Monkey. Monkey and Ted start off in Australia, where Monkey heard their was a tree full of Bananas. Monkey and Ted split up, but find nothing. They both eventually find a giant frisbee, which takes them to the giant tree. Meanwhile, Teleporting Frog reprises his role as a villian, and finds the bananas first. Supposedly, the bananas are supposed to power his Laser-Gun. Monkey and Ted confront Teleporting Frog, monkey wants the bananas also, which turns into a duel. Teleporting Frog beats the crap out of both of them, Monkey is thrown of the tree, almost falling in a big pile of poop. He escapes and returns to save Ted with his "Swinging-Vine techniques". Teleporting Frog gets launched into a gorilla hut, where he sees that it is "Gorilla mating season". Gorilla finds Teleporting Frog, and rapes and kills him.  The episode ends with Monkey and ted eating Bananas.


  • The "Gorilla-Rape" scene was a parody of Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls.