4th of July!
Airdate:  July 5, 2011
Series:  WWP Movie
Views:  239
Upload No.:  16
Length:  6:45

4th of July is a 4th of july special episode by WarioWareProductions




  • Mario's House
  • The Roof
  • Desert Area
  • Tornado
  • Bowser's Room

Plot (Spoilers)Edit

Wario can't wait for the food and fireworks of 4th of July, but suddenly a big storm comes, that was created by Bowser to ruin 4th of July. He goes to Mario and Luigi for help, but they do nothing about it. Wario stumbles uppon Bowser and hears his plan, and sees the giant Tornado Machine and flees for safety. Mario and Luigi see the Tornado Machine also, and run away and eventually find a gun. After awhile Bowser's Tornado Machine is stopped by a huge Firework show. Bowser blames mario and luigi and tackles luigi off the roof. Mario then celebrates by shooting off a capgun.